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For the manager, Nordic

OE Capital is an independent securities company specializing in capital introduction

For the professional organization, with a straight forward strategy and an excellent product, we will be happy to engage in working together with you and offer support at an early stage of the development of your business. The model for co-operation is based on a long term approach and an exclusive engagement.

Our ideal manager should have:

  • A strong historic performance
  • Unique management capacity within your investment strategy
  • Seed money of EUR 50 million
  • Capacity to manage EUR 500 million

In order to succeed in the process of fund raising it is of utmost importance that the basis for the business is established in a correct manner.

We offer support with advice regarding:

  • Product placement
  • Technical and organisational requirements
  • Infrastructure
  • Risk- and performance systems
  • Review of databases, which are essential in the investor universe for screening of funds
  • Organisational matters, risk factors, administrators and risk management
  • Marketing material
  • Design, development and the creation of marketing material targeted for the institutional investor
  • Client letters
Presentation of the story of your product and how to create an interest in it with the potential Nordic investor

Establishment of realistic targets for the raising of AUM

Definition of responsibilities

Matching of your offer to OE Capital´s

Nordic database of investors

Contacting potential investors

Distribution of marketing material for your product and your management organization

Contacts with media, investment consultants and fund analysts

Booking of exclusive meetings, one on ones, with you and potential investors

Follow up of investors, fund analysts and investment consultants

Feedback from your investment organization

Continuing improvement and development of the AUM raising process

Ongoing contact with and follow up of existing investors

Systematic marketing to possible new investors

For us to be able to represent you in the most efficient way, it is of utmost importance that we acquire full knowledge and understanding of your products, your organisation and in particular, your management edge

The five cornerstones for a successful raising of AUM (the OE Capital-model). Click on image above.